Namaste everyone..

Swapna here for HLS stencil challenge. I am so exited to be back with HLS and with Stencil team. So this space will be filled with all my stencil experiments for a while. So lets get started. The challenge is ANYTHING GOES with stencil.

Initially I thought of taking different stencil every month and play with new technique every month. Then I thought of challenging myself a bit more and adding an Indian festival with my each post.

So I will be briefing a little bit about the festival on which the card set is made.

This is month of January and during this month around 14 or 15th comes Makar Sankranti or Lohri (There were actually 5 calenders which Hindus fallowed and this is the only festival which celebrated by the Solar calendar) . This is actually the time of season change from winter to summer, when sun rays start falling directly on Tropic of cancer from Tropic of Capricorn. This festival is celebrated by sharing Gingelly seeds and Jaggery, gingelly seeds to nourish the body which has lost a lot of moisture during winter and jaggery to cutdown the bitterness of gingelly seeds. Jaggery or Sugar cane is in particular as its the crop of this time.

So coming to my card. The colours are bright to depict Sun. The design in stencil depicts my way of telling earth movement and change from Winter to Summer. Sentiment says Good wishes in Sanskrit. I made one more card with same sentiment but in Kannada sentiment.

Now comes the second festival/event which is related to this Astronomical phenomenon. Sankranti marks the process of change(as earth is a huge body it takes some days for it) and end of it marks RATH SAPTAMI, Ratha means Chariot Saptami means 7th day of the month, generally we say Sun climbed chariot which means beginning of Summer . Its on 19th of February.

Coming to my card now, actually its my favorite among 3. The center image is heat embossed and it depicts sun being supreme and the matted label depicts chariot. The embossed background says transition.

I hope you liked my little effort in using my craft supplies to celebrate festivals. If you liked this effort and wish me to continue this series please let me know in comments. I will try my best to do so.


I have a small giveaway,I will be giving away these 4 stencils from CRAFTANGLES (hndmd) to a lucky winner who will be drawn randomly from comments. Namely Confetti background, ornaments, raindrops, rainbows and clouds. This giveaway is not sponsored from anyone.


Few rules to follow

You must be follower of my blog, IG (linked in at the bottom)

Comment here with view on my post. DO you like to see more posts like these?

I will announce winner here on MAKAR SANKRANTI DAY thats on 14th.

If winner is not resident of INDIA then please wait till postal services resume. Due to COVID there is no service overseas.


Mudra stencil, Ranger embossing folder, Distress oxide inks in Spiced marmalade and iced spruce, Sentiment customized.

Thank you

Swapna Patil


  1. Such a lovely set of festive cards Swapna 😍 I’m loving the festive series and thought behind to share the values of it 🙂


  2. Swapna, you had me at GREY! I love reading about your festivals, and seeing how they have influenced your colors, and design!
    Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous card with us at CTS!


  3. This is my first time visiting and I find your cards stunning! That each has a story is really lovely. Thank you for sharing!


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